So what can you bench?


When walking around the gym you often overhear sayings such as “what can you bench?”, “my max is 250″, or “actually my bench press is pretty weak because I haven’t been lifting for a while…you know because of work and stuff”, that last quote may just be me and I may have used it once…or twenty-two times.

Well now you might hear “I can bench press a gym” thanks to Birken Schimpff the winner of the HSD category for his idea Power Plant Gym. His idea is to take the energy you exert at the gym and repurpose it to make the gym (and other things that require energy) go.

Here you can see Josh Morenstein (also shown above) creative director of the fuseproject and a Toyota engineer working it out.

Now the Toyota engineer is in the hot seat.

Here is Birken (in the blue) collaborating with the Deeplocal team.

More collaborating.

Birken getting technical.

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