Pogo!…Day 3 Begins

The shot above is actually from yesterday, that’s CMU Professor Illah Nourbakhsh on a super pogo-stick. Seriously, the professor was getting some serious air. This pogo stick is so intense only professionals can use it…which means I didn’t get to.

As you can see, the professor is also wearing the helmet that has been altered to include the T.H.U.M.S. technology (from Toyota). So even though this looks like some serious fun its actually being done to test the prototype helmet.

Looking on is contest winner Stu (in the blue), as well as Nathan and Dimitry from Deeplocal.

Here’s some more pogo.

And here is a little bit more…because you can never have enough pogo.

Stu and the team discussing the test afterward, as you can tell Stu had a pretty good time.



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