Welcome to the Ideas for Good prototyping weekend. Here you can follow the winners' ideas for good as Deeplocal and CMU engineers bring them closer to reality.

Blogs Unite! Two Times!!

Here are two more posts about the weekend (which is why I used two exclamation points after “Two Times”).

First, Tracey Staeder from Discovery News gives her first recap of the weekend, in which she focuses on the five winners. She will have another post tomorrow that will focus more on the experience she had.

Here is another recap from the Deeplocal perspective. It gives you a more technical perspective of what was done during the prototyping.


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Blogs Unite! Post Weekend Edition

Here is great recap of the weekend from Jessica Dailey over at inhabitat.

As well as another good recap of the weekend from the mother nature network (mnn).

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That’s a wrap…for now.

Well 3 days of prototyping, hard work, question asking, pogoing (not sure I’ve ever used that word before), clay snowman making, critical discussion and a lot of fun has come to an end. Its been quite an experience.

Even though the prototype weekend is now over this is actually only the beginning. This weekend was the start of what will hopefully be the further development of these ideas. The goal being to accomplish what this whole experience was set up to do, make the world better.

Obviously that is a very ambitious goal, but being here you couldn’t help but think that each of these ideas/prototypes have the chance to make an impact in their own unique way. That these ideas weren’t some pie in the sky fantasies, but that they could actually become a reality and could really make a difference. There is a lot of work that still needs to be done, but this weekend was a great start. You couldn’t help but to feel inspired.

Hopefully the energy, thinking and enthusiasm of this weekend will carry on in the further development of these ideas. The five ideas that you have seen over the course of this weekend will now be further developed by Carnegie Mellon University and their talented staff.

As for the blog, even though the weekend is over there will still be more blog. So look out for more content and recaps of this fantastic weekend over the next few weeks.

Congrats to the five winners and thanks to all of you for following the weekend with us.

Here are some more photos of the weekend to hold you over in the meantime.




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