Welcome to the Ideas for Good prototyping weekend. Here you can follow the winners' ideas for good as Deeplocal and CMU engineers bring them closer to reality.

You’ve seen the tests, now see the helmet

We’ve shown you tests here and here, of Stu’s idea of the “better bicycle helmet”. Now here are a couple close-up shots of the actual helmet.

The software that charts the testing.

Here is Joel Stitzel, PH.D. from Wake Forest University Baptist Medical Center breaking it down.

Dimitry from Deeplocal adjusting the helmet with Stu and the team looking on.

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The Power of Exercise

Here you see the Deeplocal team charting the power being generated from the Power Plant Gym prototype.

Here is the winner Birken, about to give the prototype a go.


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Ladders and Thermal Cameras

So Fran’s idea of using APGS on firetrucks is all about making fighting fires safer. Here you see Shawn and Patrick from Deeplocal working on the firetruck prototype. What they are actually doing is adding a thermal camera so it can sense the heat of the fire. They also added a variety sensors to gather additional data to give firefighters a sense of the environment they will have to deal with as well as where to properly place the ladder. All this information is gathered and instantly displayed on a web page that will help the firefighters assess the situation.

Here is another look at the thermal camera (in the white box) and the sensors (in the black).

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